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The popularity of towing companies is on the rise as the number of motorists of the road increase. It’s a very essential service which comes in handy when your car breaks down. Towing and recovery services are not only limited to disabled vehicles. It also involves illegally parked vehicles, stolen vehicles or when one defaults a loan which the car is used as security. Irrespective of the reason, when called upon, the towing company is expected to fulfill various duties.

Ensuring the safety of the site

Towing or recovery services whether in the middle or at the roadside, can pose a danger to other road users. The towing companies, therefore, need to warn oncoming traffic of the incident. Warning signals such as cones, barricades, flaggers and flashing lights should be used. The site needs to be as visible as possible to other road users from at least 100 meters. This will prevent other vehicles from getting involved in the accident. It further prevents additional damage happening to the vehicle being serviced. Auto Towing in San Francisco does an exceptional job of this. All one has to do is watch them prepare the scene before towing a vehicle, and you will understand.

The same level of caution and protection must be taken to safeguard the responders and bystanders from harm. A safe distance has to be kept by those at the site to prevent incidentals in case of explosions or fire. While ensuring the scene is properly marked to make it very visible, in some cases, the responders are required by law to put on clothing with high visibility such as reflectors. The towing company also has the responsibility of protecting property at the scene. These include contamination of nearby water bodies and soil from oil and other fluid spillages, grass damage and vegetation at the scene.

towing companies building with tow truck in front of building

Removing vehicles from the scene

After ensuring that safety observed, the damaged vehicles must be removed from the scene. Loading and transportation of the vehicles have to be done in an appropriate way. To do so, the company will require to use the right tools and equipment such as a winch and chains. Every equipment must be of the correct size in relation to the nature of service. Big vehicles will require strong and larger equipment compared to small cars. This is also done through appropriate procedures to prevent injury and damage.

Safe storage at the towing companies property

Once the vehicle has been secured and towed from the site, it needs proper storage. Storing the vehicle in a safe place and manner will protect it from further damage and also theft incidences. Any property that came along with the vehicle needs to be stored safely as well. In cases where the vehicle is anticipated to stay for long at the storage site, protective measures need to be taken. Sensitive parts should be covered to prevent dust or damage from extreme weather conditions.

Future towing companies, and their trucks will need to have high standards and abide by responsible morals. This article, discusses the future of the towing industry.